A Maze “n Things

A Maze “n Things Phillip Island is a magical trip making your Phillip Island trip complete . It is a whole world of optical illusions, mazes and puzzles that will entertain, intrigue and amuse adults and children for hours. The new Puzzle Island extension at A Maze’N Things boasts world first activities, and a whole range of interactive exhibits that will have you roaring with laughter or scratching your head in disbelief.

The Maze … With over two kilometres of passageways; and an average time of 45 minutes, (but we have emergency exits), our maze is a bewildering labyrinth of twisting turns, confusing dead ends and frustrated explorers.


amazenthings-212 mini_golfWe call our golf the Maxi Mini Golf because it is so big.  The course is set on artificial turf with constantly changing landscaping and paving.

Some of the holes are surrounded by granite boulders and Australian grasses while others are designed almost like cattle chute.

  • The holes are challenging, however suitable for families and children.
  • It will challenge beginners almost as much as experienced golfers.
  • Golfers can check on the scorecard whether they’re up to par or not!
  • With 19 holes and many tricky turns you’ll sure to have a great time.maze

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