Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

From your very first taste you will fall in love with Pannys delectable Belgium premium hand made chocolates.When you arrive at the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory you will be offered one of Pannys ‘secret recipe’ White Truffles. It is a delicious introduction to Panny’s skills as a chocolatier.

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is the sweetest attraction on Phillip Island. See our chocolates being handmade, only using the best available Belgian chocolate. It’s creamy texture and slight hint of vanillin is exceptionally mouth watering. Only the finest ingredients are used in creating our chocolates. You can also try our famous frozen bananas dipped in chocolate.

In Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate you can learn about cocoa harvesting, how chocolate is made, vital ingredients and an interactive range of displays that explain the whole Chocolate production process from farm to shop.

Other displays include Michelangelo’s’ Statue of David (made from chocolate), mural of Dame Edna consisting of 12,000 individual chocolates, and the miniature chocolate village where even the buildings are made of chocolate. You also try to counterbalance a 1 tonne chocolate block and test your chocolate knowledge. It’s a great way to get your friends and family involved.

Our world famous Chocolate Waterfall Fall made from 400 litres of chocolate is another highlight that you will see just before you enter the manufacturing area. In here our Chocolatiers will be in action producing some of the 180 varieties of Chocolates that Panny sells.

Finally, the most exciting….DESIGN YOUR OWN CHOCOLATE BAR!!! How does vegemite chocolate sound, or Wasabi?

The Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is located on the Phillip Island Road, in Newhaven, just one kilometre from the Bridge. All customers receive a complimentary chocolate on entry and staff are on hand to answer your questions. It may even be the famous Panny himself.


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