Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2018 Phillip Island

When: 2018

Melbourne Food and wine festival 2016 Phillip Island ,will showcase its local epicurean delights , staging seven mouthwatering events as part of the festival s 21st year. The events will be held  March 2014 in various locations across the island’s picturesque beach countryside, providing an excellent opportunity for city dwellers to escape and experience the region’s high quality local produce, wine and relaxed lifestyle. With options for the whole family including cooking master classes for the kids, hands on workshops, alfresco dining, tours, food and wine tasting and even an acoustic music festival, the MFWF events at Phillip Island will be too good to miss.

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Phillip Island, VIC

 the annual Melbourne Food and Wine Festival will again fill every corner of Melbourne and Victoria with unique food and wine experiences for all appetites. Meantime, we’re celebrating food and wine events year-round – including the very special Spring Graze during the month of September.

Each year more than 300,000 people visit Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. Some fly here in an hour, others take 24, but all leave with a sense of the unique food and wine landscape that makes our state Australia’s culinary heart.

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